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Atom Main Features


/ Atom Bar Usability Enhancements

- Atom Bar is one of Atom’s unique dedicated widgets.
- Positioned at the top of the screen, allows direct access to frequently used functions for ease of use.
- Atom Bar is fully customizable with a variety of settings.


/ Hidden Fun, Hidden Dock

- Decorate your screen with filter effects.
- Various animated transition effects.
- Adjust transparency of icons and widgets.


/ Smartphone Decorating Themes and Features

- Atom Store includes a variety of themes, icons and more.
- Able to change the point color of Atom to change the overall look and feel.
- Multi-Wallpaper and Live Background themes are supported.


/ Atom’s Brilliant Dedicated Widgets

- Supports a variety of color analog and digital clock widgets.
- Holiday calendar widget.
- Quick setting and favorite contact widgets.
- The useful and unique Atom Bar widget.


/ Quickly and Easily Manage All Apps

- Intuitive App searching, sorting and support
- Fast folder creation with multiple app icons and copies that can be divided onto multiple screens.
- Grid settings, hide apps, screen transitions and a variety of extra functions.


/ Sliding Folders – Instant Access to Apps

- Folder sizes can be changed to 1×1, 1×2, 1×3 or 1×4.
- Able to scroll through a folder’s App icons and choose to directly run an App.


/ Support Quickly Switching to Atom Launcher

- Can quickly copy the home screen currently in use directly to Atom in one click.
- All Themes of other launcher can be directly imported to Atom.

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/ Recent Release Info

Release v1.4.4 (2013.03.18)
- start supporting Full HD
- Add “hide dock divison-line” on option
- Increase the number of dock page (up to seven)
- change the direction of scrollin app to the horizontal scroll incase folder has Apps more than 16
- 2014 Calendar Holidays update
- start supporting deleting name of shortcut icon support
- Other error corrections


/ FAQ about Atom Launcher



/ Contact Us

If you have a suggestion for improvement or a question about Atom, please feel free to contact us by email directly. (
We try our best to answer all emails.

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